Based on substrate

Secure and easy
Computational power

Utilizing decentralized trusted computing power in a cloud-like manner, providing hardware-level security assurance for Web3 applications and DeAI.

  • Game
  • DAPP
  • DePIN
  • DeAI
  • TEE

Confidential Cloud

Decentralized / Confidential
A stable and reliable platform for deploying confidential applications, designed specifically for confidential computing.

Web2 - Web3 Trusted Bridge

Smart contracts extend their functionality by integrating with 200 million trusted web2 applications, enabling web2 programs to access web3 at zero cost.

Decentralized Confidential AI

Provide a decentralized training and deployment solution for AI, ensuring confidential computing throughout the entire process of training and deployment.


Token & economics

In the design of the economic model, the following principles are fundamentally adhered to:
1. Adopting the DAO model for issuing and maintaining tool software and blockchain
2. Striving to achieve maximum decentralization
3. Reducing user costs
4. Attempting to minimize the entry barriers for block producers and node operation expenses
5. Avoiding high consensus security maintenance costs

  • Team and Early Contributors – 9%
  • Advisor & Accelerator – 6%
  • Fundraising – 15%
  • Community – 10%
  • Foundation Operation – 15%
  • Treasury – 45%